hoe werkt de website?

how does the website work?
1. Objective.
Do you want to celebrate your holiday in another location than that of your second home, but it won't happen because you already own a holiday home an experience costs which are continuing regardless? The website of 2ndhomeswap offers a solution: SWAP of 2ndHOME's.

2. Selection 2ndhome.
Through the website a swap2ndhome can be selected ans a simultaneous swap can be agreed with the respective owner. In first instance 2ndhomeswap limit itself to swap 2ndhomes only in the Netherlands, but extension to other countries may be possible in the future.

3. Swap of 2ndhomes.
If you want to swap with another 2ndhome, as a logged-in member you can take a swapOPTION. The owner of the swap2ndhome will be informed accordingly by e-mail. A swapOPTION transforms into a swapDEAL when the owner of the swap2ndhome accepts your swapOPTION. Until such time, both members can cancel the swapOPTION or can exchange information through the website.
A swapDEAL can not be changes through the website. After a swapDEAL has been accepted, information about the address of the swap2ndhomes and the name and e-mail address of the owners will be shown at the website to involved owners to allow direct contact between the owners outside the website.
Up to 4 weeks after expiry of the swapDEAL, the swap2ndhome guestbook can be filled in to share the experience with other Members.

4. Information 2ndhome.
Members themselves up-load all relevant information to the website:
a. Photographs (two of which will be used in summary pages).
b. A brief description (will be used in summary pages).
c. A longer description about what can be expected.
d. Information about surrounding area and activities.
e. Information about lay-out and design.
f. Availability of the 2ndhome.
g. Filling-in of the guestbook after closing the swap.
Information (a) to (e) is publicly shown to every visitor of the website. Availability (f) and the guestbook (g) are only accessible to logged-in members.

5. More explanation.
Under the different main tabs of the head menu (selection, swap, upload) more detailed information is available per section about how the website works.

6. Interested?
If you are interested to participate in 2ndhomeswap, please send in the registration form. If you would like to receive further information please contact us by e-mail or by using the contact form of the website. We will answer you as soon as possible.