privacy verklaring

privacy statement

revision 1.0 (April-2019)

1. Privacy Statement.
2ndhomeswap is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this Privacy Statement. For definitions, reference is made to the General Conditions of 2ndhomeswap.

2. Change of Privacy Statement.
The Management of 2ndhomeswap reserves the right to adjust this Privacy Statement from time to time. In the event of a significant change of the Statement the change is notified on the Website for a period of 4 weeks from the date that the Statement has been changed.

3. Personal data.
2ndhomeswap processes personal data of persons who use the Website contact form and of Members who register on 2ndhomeswap. The following personal data are processed by the Management of the Website and stored in the database:
a. contact form: name, e-mail address, question en answer.
b. registration form: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, login name, password en IP-address van de Member en name, address en coordinates of the 2ndhome.
The specified password of a Member is stored encrypted in the database and is not known by the Management of 2ndhomeswap.

4. Permission to process personal data.
By agreeing to the General Conditions and the Privacy Statement upon registration, the Member gives permission to 2ndhomeswap to send e-mails to the relevant Member and for processing and storing personal data of the Member in the database of the Website.

5. Correctness of data.
A Member is responsible for the accuracy of all information that is placed on the Website by the Member. If the Management of the Website is in doubt of the accuracy of the information provided by the Member or if in the opinion of the Management unacceptable language has been used by the Member, the Management can amend or remove the uploaded information at its own discretion and without consulting the Member concerned.

6. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties.
2ndhomeswap only transfers personal data to third parties outside 2ndhomeswap if this is necessary for the website to function properly. In this respect a third party may be used for handling payments and for sending e-mail. Furthermore, 2ndhomeswap will not provide the stored personal data to other parties, unless this is legally required or permitted in the event of a legal conflict.
Personal data of a Member cannot be viewed by other logged-in Members. In the event of a SwapDEAL agreed by two of the Members via the Website the name and e-mail address of the Owner of the Swap2ndhome as well as the address of the Swap2ndhome will be shown via the website only to both Members involved in this SwapDEAL.

7. View or change data.
After logging in to the Website, a Member only has access to his own personal data. The saved personal data can be viewed by the Member under ′profile′ of page ′myaccount′. Part of the data provided by the Member can then be changed or corrected. The name of the Member and the address of the 2ndhome in question cannot be changed by the Member. If changes still have to be made to inaccessible data the Member can contact the Management of the Website.
The registration by the Member at 2ndhomeswap can be deleted by the Member via ′myaccount′. The Management of the Website will remove all personal data of a Member from the database after ending the membership if so requested (by e-mail) by the Member. If a registered 2ndhome changes ownership, the registration of the relevant 2ndhome must be removed. The new Owner can then possibly register the 2ndhome again. If a registered Member want to register a new 2ndhome, the existing registration must first be deleted before the new 2ndhome can be registered.

8. Cookies.
2ndhomeswap may only use functional and analytical cookies that do not infringe privacy.
Functional cookies may be necessary for the Website to function properly. These cookies are placed without further permission. Analytical cookies enable 2ndhomeswap to measure Website visits. Google Analytics is used for this.

9. Protection of personal data.
If there are indications of misuse of personal data of Members please contact the Management of the Website.